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In Motion Way, we offer three main services (creative video production / brand building / digital marketing).

There are three sub-services under each of these services:

  1. Creative Video (Motion Graphics / Animation / Video Editing)
  2.  Branding (logo design / visual identity development / graphic design)
  3.  Digital Marketing (brand marketing / writing creative content / managing social media platforms)

It is a charming video that represents your brand, helps you express your ideas and distinguishes you in the digital crowd, in which we use animated graphics to attract minds and eyes, promote your company and increase your sales as well as educate your community and deliver your message professionally and effectively


In order to reach and excel in the midst of fierce competition and difficult markets, we seek to give you three main things

  1.  Connecting you to new markets that are right for you
  2.  We also help you increase your sales and take advantage of the large presence of people on the Internet
  3. We also make sure that you are close to your customers and communicate with them moment by moment

production processes

The creative video production process goes through 7 basic stages

  1. Ideas: In the first stage, we need the basic idea behind the video in order to communicate the main message that the target audience will extract after watching the video.
  2. Script: We write the entire script and script for the voiceover, description of the scenes, and to confirm that you agree with the concept of the video.
  3. Storyboard: We convert the scenario into drawings that show the scenes and the style that will be used in the video.
  4. Voiceover: After approval of the storyboard, we convert the written texts into audio.
  5. Production: The production stage begins with converting all the previous materials into visual materials full of colors, movement and sound.
  6. The first version: We deliver the preliminary versions to you for approval, and in the event that there are amendments, they are worked on in one go.
  7. Project delivery: After working on the required modifications, a complete copy of high quality and accuracy will be delivered to the customer

Motion Way Company is committed to all the terms and conditions listed on its website, and an agreement is drawn up for each project that guarantees the rights of both parties, and in the event of a desire to deal according to a specific contract, it is considered and dealt with.

You can contact us via various platforms or via WhatsApp, and it is preferable to fill out a job application form via the website, and it will be considered and contacted with you in less than 24 hours.

We are glad that you can visit our account on Behance and on Vimeo and we will always be close to you on social media platforms.


The price per minute of the video varies according to the type of style used and the specifications of your video.

We can provide you with all prices when you know the details of the work.


Video production requires 7-21 working days, and in some projects there may be exceptions so that the implementation period is longer or shorter, according to the request of the concerned party.

The best period of time for a contract to order marketing services is 6 months until the results of the work appear, so that you can see the changes on the ground, and we also give a discount to those who trust us and build a contract for a year.

Make your brand animated and attractive

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