There are many ways to learn Motion Graphics and Animation is great and there are many blogs in motion graphic both in English and Arabic, let’s start


School of Motion 

Our mission is to enable our students to improve their skills and develop their networks in motion graphics and animation, and we do so through a unique mix of amazing content, an active community, trained staff and teaching assistants who stand ready to criticize your business.


Stash  is the largest online video, design, animation and visual effects guide with over 5,000 projects and more, with interviews with leading designers , motion designers and animators

Animation Physics

This site is dedicated to providing useful physics to the language spoken by animators. The blog includes educational videos about basic animation, character animation, motion and visual effects, lighting and visual effects. This site deserves scrutiny for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge in this area.


In this blog, you can find easy-to-train tutorials and training with in-depth analysis and guidance. The team also develops tools to help you with creative workflow and reduce lost time in repetitive tasks.

Motion Way

Arabic site specialized in the production of creative content and offers high-quality videos and wonderful in the field of motion graphics and animation in different styles.

Video Copilot

Video Copilot founded by Andrew Kramer at the age of 20 as a leisure activity, the blog currently contains more than 150 educational programs along with many digital products and plug-ins used by digital designers from around the world. Andrew continues to work in filmmaking, in addition to publishing high quality educational programs for the growing blog community.



Founder of this blog in Motion Graphics since 2001, and since 2007, his lessons have been seen hundreds of thousands of times and have been useful to artists all over the world. Find helpful tutorials, quick blog tips, and motion graphics.


Creative Cow

The site contains a large number of educational programs in any program in this area, along with 11 programs, magazine (online and printed) and good forums with professionals. This is definitely a community worth pursuing just because you can find an answer to almost any question in this area.


Red Giant

What distinguishes Red Jaynett is training, films and tools that aim to develop and enrich the community of motion designers and filmmakers. They are creating a new program for their own films that is later made available to the web community and the public.



Founded by Stu Machitz. A filmmaker, photographer and writer with passion for storytelling, this blog focuses on filmmaking where you’ll find educational programs, product reviews, and resources to increase your game. Content is carefully organized for newcomers to find what they’re looking for.


We have included the most prominent English and Arabic blogs in the field of Motion Graphics, share the article to benefit everyone