Our story today with The Lion King directed by Jon Favreau within the Disney umbrella that took a big step to make cinema popular all over the world. The first trailer of the film won more than 57 million views. : – Let’s start

Voice Over

Participated in the sound performance of the film a number of celebrities including Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones and Seth Rogen and others

Visual Effects 

Now talk about the visual effects of the film, Moving Picture Company made the visual effects of the film where he supervised the film Robert Legato, Elliot Newman and Adam Valdez and they did their best to approach the scenes presented to be closer to realism as you as viewers will not feel at first glance that these shots are not real, has been professionally produced

It is amazing that the visual effects were incorporated in a fairy way, beginning to draw all the characters and put them on the screen with a sense of the background The original. These characters were then used in the rest of the film, and director John repeatedly repeated that the film never deviated from the real story

Human Simulation Techniques

The human simulation techniques used in the film were used only in Star Wars movies, In order to improve the series of scenes, the visual effects team added several layers that helped to improve the viewer to look more enthusiastic

In conclusion, there was a great challenge in how to combine real photography of events with visual effects