Snap Chat is one of the most popular social networking sites in the Arab world, especially at the age of 20-29, with more than 70% of users in this age group. Saudi Arabia ranks first in the Arab world Using Snap Chat, Snap Chat uses about 8 million Saudis daily.

Snap Chat is popular between the young generation and it is used daily as a tool to share their diaries on a regular basis. The platform makes it easier for companies to reach the category they want, especially young people.

We at Motion Way  design Snap Chat videos and designs for companies and individuals as well because the videos and designs are important in delivering business messages, reaching the target audience you want, and achieving their goals through Snap Chat ads.

The importance of Snap Chat Ads :-

– More than 300 million active and interactive users per month.
– Nearly 180 million active and interactive users per day, a unique indicator to encourage companies to advertise on the platform.
– 70% of the audience of the platform of youth and this is an attraction for companies to achieve their objectives and to facilitate the identification of the target group.
– Easy to use advertising feature in Snap Chat platform.

– Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos each day

What I need to create video / design in Snap Chat :-

– The logo

– The texts

– We provide Arabic / English or any dialect voice over

– Contact info